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There Are Plenty Of Wildly Famous Affairs In Politics

Famous Affairs In Politics

Political affairs have been happening for decades. This is not a new news story. These men and women and how they dealt with public humiliation and over came the affairs.

John. F. Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy became the pillar for staying true to her man through every affair he had. JFK has been a known womanizer, having affairs with Marlene Dietrich, Pamela Turnure, Judith Exner, Mimi Alford, Priscilla Wear, Jill Cowen, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and the most famous of all Marilyn Monroe. While most of these were “alleged”, we all had our suspicions.

Jackie stuck by him up until his untimely …

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Famous Affairs On The Silver Screen

Famous Affairs In Movies

It’s a tale as old as time; Married man meets woman, they fall in love, things go awry. It makes for great cinema, you can’t deny it. Affairs sell seats. They can be beautiful or they can be tragic, but no matter what the outcome, you are hooked throughout the entire film. They are sexy. They make you want to lead a double life like these people, just don’t make the same mistakes they did.

The Top 10 Hottest Movies About Having An Affair. In case you needed something to watch with your mistress.
Unfaithful (2002)

Richard Gere learns that …

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Sometimes Celebrities Get Caught Cheating As Well

Celebrities Who Have Cheated

Having an affair is tricky, I know it, you know it. Hugh Grant knows it. However, celebrities can screw it up too and often when they get caught cheating, there’s always a camera around to catch them. Maybe take a page out of their books and learn what not to do when it comes to having an affair. There’s a million reasons why celebs cheat, but to sum it up for you Science Of Relationships explains it.

Brad Pitt

He was married to Jennifer Aniston while he was filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Where he had an affair with …

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A List Of A Few Celebrities With Open Relationships

Celebrities Who Have Open Relationships

Many celebrities nowadays have open relationships and they find that it is what helps to keep their love strong. We have created a list of famous couple who are open with their relationship and what they think about being faithful.

These are just a few of the many celebrities who have happily open relationships, you can check the list out for yourself.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

While these two started a relationship by ruining his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, they have kept their relationship strong by knowing that sometimes you need to find love elsewhere. Angelina has gone …

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An In Depth List Of Famous Fictional Affairs Out There

Famous Fictional Affairs

We all know that cheating and having affairs are not a new subject, they have been around since the cavemen realized they could have more than one cavewoman. We have put together a rather fun a in-depth list of famous fictional affairs that have happened through out the decades.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book 1925, Movie 2013)

This tells the story of Daisy and Gatsby who loved each other and had a torrid affair, but Daisy was married to Tom and in the end when Gatsby begged her to leave him, she refused. When he was shot …

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Famous Television Cheaters And What They Did Wrong

Famous TV Cheaters And What They Did Wrong

If TV has taught us anything, it’s that we get to see an affair from all the angles and we can clearly see what they did wrong to get caught. Let’s learn from these fictional shows and not get caught the way that they did.

The Top Ten Shows Featuring Adultery. Learn from them as well.

How I Met Your Mother – Ted Mosby

In his earlier and younger years, Ted was dating Victoria and trying to make it work long distance when he found out that Robin loved him back. Before he could break up …

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A Few Of The Best Places To Vacation With Your Lover

Where To Vacation With Your Married Lover

We understand that sometimes you want to get away with your lover, but you also want to be discreet about it. Unless you are a travel journalist, taking a random trip to Paris will look terribly suspicious. So, how can you get a weekend away with your mistress? Here are some tips to help you get some down time with your affair.


Tell your partner that work has been stressing you out non stop and your boss suggested you just take a weekend and relax at a spa to calm down your mind. A supportive …

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Tricks To Be Sexier In The Bedroom With Your Lover

How To Be Sexier In The Bedroom With Your Married Lover

When it comes to getting your married lover to spoil you for a long time, you need to start being more creative in the bedroom. So, here are some tips to keep them interested for the long haul so the spoiling doesn’t stop and you can keep having your fun. Being sexy can mean new moves, new clothes and giving them a little something to think about while they are away from you. It will drive them crazy and make them want you more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Ideas

Go …

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Here Are Some Ideas To Get Him To Leave His Wife Fast

How To Get Him To Leave His Wife

You have met someone online and he is perfect. You have started a beautiful relationship with him and you want to be able to take it to the next level. One problem: He has a wife. So, the real question is how do you get him to leave his wife for you? It’s not impossible to do, but you gotta make sure you go about it the right way.

Be Better Than His Wife

He’s having an affair for a reason, so be better than his wife. Care about him and make it known that …

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Dating One Person Is Great, Dating Two Is Even Better

How To Date Multiple People

Finding one person to have an affair with is great, but they aren’t available all the time, so why not find two. Or you found one great married guy, but he can only see you once a week and you need more attention than that. Here are some tips to help you be able to juggle more than one or two relationships.

More Than One Affair

You might be married and having an affair, but two women might not be able to satisfy what you need. Sometimes you need a little bit more. You need to feel empowered …

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